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A Disaster Justice Guidebook for People of Color with Disabilities Set for Fall Release

June 2, 2023 / Disaster Justice

The Adult Advocacy Centers are proud to announce our new partnership with Justice Shorter on a Disaster Justice Guidebook for People of Color with Disabilities. Scheduled for release this fall, the guidebook will center disaster justice frameworks and contributions reflective of a future where no body or mind is left behind. Inside, advocates will find tips, techniques, talking points and thought-provoking ideas. Each section will be curated with generative insights gathered from people of color nationwide.

People of color with disabilities live at the epicenter of emergencies. Caught between racism and ableism, disasters often hit communities of color frequently and intensely. Although it is commonly said that disasters don’t discriminate, people, policies and programs regularly do. In an ongoing effort to address such inequities, we are thrilled to soon add this guidebook to a growing body of work focused on disaster justice.

Lead author and curator Justice Shorter describes disaster justice as “a practice of harm prevention. A model for leaderful decision making. A path toward community protection. A set of strategies that shape and shift standards of care and collective survival.”

Shorter is a nationally recognized facilitator, composer, curator and dreamscaper. Her work resides at the various intersections of disability justice, racial justice and disaster justice issues.

Questions or Contributions? 

If you have questions or insights you’d like to contribute to this initiative, contact Justice Shorter at