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AACs Release White Paper on Little-Discussed Problem: Human Trafficking and Older Adults

January 31, 2022 / Human Trafficking

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The typical images associated with human trafficking are children or young women being sold on street corners for sex, or undocumented persons working in the fields or in nail salons as indentured servants. While these scenarios exist, the unrecognized truth about human trafficking is that it knows no geographic or demographic barriers.

On this last day of Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2022, the Adult Advocacy Centers are releasing a new white paper that focuses on the largely unrecognized tragedy of the trafficking of older adults for sex, labor or benefits. Because the prevalence and impacts of human trafficking on older adults are unresearched and therefore unknown, it is impossible to quantify just how much the systems that should be providing safety and justice for older adult survivors are failing. This paper begins our efforts to bring awareness to the widely unknown issue. 

Read the White Paper:

Human Trafficking and Older Adults