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Forbes Article Discusses Our Centers and the Importance of Trauma-Informed Design

October 28, 2022 / Adult Advocacy Centers

Jeffrey Steele writes in Forbes magazine about the architectural plans for our centers:

“Trauma-informed design is a very specific topic, and it has a lot of resonance in conversations about design for mental health, education, community building, DEI and the built environment,” Bachmann notes.

“It involves looking at projects through the lens of individuals who historically have not been considered, consulted or heard. This design process – we call it Design that Builds Community – can open the door to increased participation, awareness and acceptance that can change how we see ourselves and each other.”

The AACs' are still raising funds to build our centers, and you can be part of that important effort. Find out how to give on our Donate page.

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Designing Facilities for Crime Victims with Disabilities