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New AACs Annual Report Released

January 28, 2021 / Annual Report

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This past year has been full of unexpected twists and turns due to the ongoing precautions in place for COVID-19. Yet even with all the uncertainties, the Adult Advocacy Centers have been able to forge ahead and make impactful change for crime victims with disabilities throughout Ohio.

Our trainings in the field of forensic interviewing has been lauded as “best practice” throughout the nation, thanks in no small part to the amazing group of national experts we have assembled, including the talent of the Modell Consulting Group.

We are also offering technical assistance and expertise through the creation of our guidebooks, each focusing on a different profession and the issues that directly apply to crime victim with disabilities. In addition, we are now able to offer tele-forensic interviews and have worked with prosecutors to make this evidence collection piece of the investigation as accessible and accommodating as possible.

Ultimately, the foundation of our success has been, and continues to be, the outpouring of support from the disability community, advocacy groups, state agencies, law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and victim services. We are truly thankful for the work we do together to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Ohio.

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