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New AACs Publication Offers Guidance for Forensic Nurses

September 17, 2020

An older Black woman with a walker is assisted by a white male nurse

Today the Adult Advocacy Centers (AACs) are releasing a new publication to assist Ohio’s Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNEs) as they provide medical forensic care for crime victims with disabilities. These exams pose difficult and complex challenges, and our new guidebook aims to simplify the issues using references, practical advice and tactics.

The 32-page guide was written in partnership with consulting authors Ruth Downing, MSN RN CNP SANE-A, and Laura Kaiser, BSN RN SANE-A, of the Forensic Nursing Network.

It contains the following six chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Relevant Law for Cases in Which the Victim Has a Disability
  • Special Considerations When the Victim Has a Disability
  • Medical Forensic Examination for Patients with a Disability
  • Community Partners
  • Resources and References

Download a copy: A Forensic Nurse Examiner’s Guide to Caring for Patients with Disabilities