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New AACs Report: Human Trafficking Victims with Disabilities Need More Support

September 25, 2020

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The issue of human trafficking has captured the attention of many social and governmental services agencies. However, there is much work to be done to quantify the problems of work trafficking and sex trafficking in the disability community. In an effort to evaluate the services needed for victims of human trafficking with disabilities, the Adult Advocacy Centers (AACs) sent a survey to Ohio’s 24 Anti-Trafficking Coalitions, and 14 coalitions responded. Their responses have been collected in our new report, which also includes the AACs’ planned next steps to address the service needs, including:

  • Creating screening tools for service providers and a resource guidebook for victims of human trafficking with disabilities
  • Developing a prosecutor’s guidebook
  • Creating a forensic interview protocol for victims of human trafficking with disabilities
  • Working with existing organizations to expand outreach efforts to individuals with disabilities
  • Piloting support service programs to address the lack of statewide support services specifically for human trafficking victims with disabilities

Download the report:

Needs Assessment: Human Trafficking and People with Disabilities