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New AACs Series Gives Survivors with Disabilities a Platform to Help Others

November 18, 2021

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Recovery is a long journey for many survivors of crime. Sometimes, as part of their journey, a survivor may want to talk about what they wish they'd known before or right after a crime happened to them. The Adult Advocacy Centers' new series, Tools for a Survivor's Journey, gives survivors with disabilities that opportunity. Today we're releasing the first two installments, written by survivor and AACs Consultant Elizabeth Rutt. 

Elizabeth “Liz” Rutt is an adult diagnosed with autism who recently celebrated her second year of living independently, in an apartment that she shares with her roommate. Liz was non-verbal and with a lot of hard work, learned to talk around the age of 8. Throughout her early childhood years, she was diagnosed with a variety of symptoms of autism and finally was given the the diagnosis in adolescence. Liz has an eye for detail when working in the many fields within the arts; that includes jewelry making, pottery, painting and metal work. However, she has found her real niche in photography. Liz has shown her photography at art shows, including conferences held by Milestones Autism Resources and has donated pieces for fundraising. As a survivor of being victimized, Liz wants to use her talents to inform others diagnosed with a disability that you can choose to seek help when you feel you are being targeted unfairly by a stranger or by someone you know.

The series, written by survivors with disabilities for survivors with disabilities, will be collected on the Victim Services page under the Resources tab on our website.

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