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Project FIND Adapted Training

Forensic Interviewing Individuals Who Do Not Speak

The Adapted FIND three-day training is designed for established forensic interviewers with previous basic training and extensive experience in forensic interviewing and or working with individuals with disabilities. The training is founded in forensic interviewing best practices with considerations and adaptations to account for individuals who do not speak, use gestures to communicate, speak few words or utilize a communication device. The curriculum is designed to support forensic interviewers to gather information from alleged victims and witnesses in the most reliable and legally defensible manner.

Minimum Expectations:

  • Completion of basic forensic interviewing training (min. 32 hours) and/or equivalent investigative or interviewing training
  • Demonstrated experience in interviewing and/or investigating allegations of abuse and neglect
  • Completion of Project FIND Advanced Certificate Training

Minimum Number of Attendees Required: 12

Maximum Number of Attendees Allowed: 24


To register for upcoming Project FIND trainings, fill out the FIND Adapted Attendee Application.


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